The core innovation behind Rotoliptic pumps is an elliptical rotor and continuous rotary mechanism in a positive displacement assembly. Critically, a Rotoliptic pumps is simply two moving parts.

These early designs provided the platform for Rotoliptic’s current generation of pumps, anticipated by many longtime industry leaders to upturn the ESP industry.

First Generation Prototype

Rotoliptic’s first generation of revolutionary positive displacement pumps are high efficiency, lightweight, and deliver superior solids handling capabilities.
This era of Rotoliptic pump was initially developed for the forest fire fighting industry; where small size, high pumping volume, and reliability are essential.

Evolution of our first generation technology has bred new designs for the Oil and Gas industry.
Rotoliptic designed a transfer pump, with novel solids handling technology. Today, multiple  iterations of our transfer pump technology have undergone field testing, showing promising results.

Third Generation Prototype

“A game-changer for the ESP industry”


Rotoliptic’s current prototype solution for the downhole pumping industry is a sleek design, showing promising efficiency, and shorter length than any incumbent centrifugal pump on the market today.