Brendan Downes


Prior to rejoining Rotoliptic Technologies Inc., Mr. Downes provided artificial lift consulting services to Domestic and International new technology development companies, OFS companies and to Private Equity Investors.

Previous to his consulting practice, Mr. Downes was President & CEO of Global Production Solutions, Inc. (2009-2011) GPS was a newly formed Holding company that joined together two separate business units; ESS – Electric Submersible Service Company together with SSC - Solid State Controls.

Prior to joining GPS, Mr. Downes was Senior Vice President for Borets-Weatherford US, Inc. (2007-2009) His duties involved overall global management of this newly formed company, with direct line responsibility of several operational and technology support groups within the company. Mr. Downes was one of the main authors that created this American-Russian partnership between Borets and Weatherford International.

Prior to joining Borets-Weatherford, he worked for Eastlink Lanker. EL is a privately held investment and management company, with significant holdings in the Russian Federation. These holdings range across a wide segment of industry including banking, accountancy, industrial manufacturing entities and import/export companies. Mr. Downes dedicated the bulk of his efforts working with Borets - Pump Company, Moscow Russia. In this tenure, (1998-2007) Borets developed a leading market position within Russia.

Mr. Downes joined the Oil & Gas Industry in 1982 and has held a broad range of senior management and general management positions for two U.S. based multi-national Artificial Lift Service Companies, prior to joining Eastlink Lanker in 1998. He has worked and traveled extensively throughout the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan beginning in 1992. He was responsible for some of the earliest Russian-U.S. service, equipment and technology exchange contracts, post Soviet Union. He has worked extensively and on behalf of Eastlink Lanker in the acquisition of companies in the United States, Canada and Russia. In his career, he has also been successful and directly responsible for business development in other countries around the world involving energy equipment and technology exchanges, including South America, Mexico and China.

Mr. Downes is a member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers. Mr. Downes is a High Honors graduate from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in Business Management. He also served in the U.S. Naval Air as air crewman from 1971-1976 in both active and reserve duty status.  Mr. Downes has over 40 years of experience in the ESP/ALS Industry.