optimized Performance
  • High volumetric and overall efficiency  
  • Steady, efficient production in a broad operating range
  • Effectively operate in single or multiphase flow
  • Handles a wide range of fluids from water to light oils to heavy oil and bitumen

  Simple. Effective. Revolutionary.

The Rotoliptic pump is a positive displacement pump that consists of only two parts. This unique pump architecture means simple deployment, lower operating costs, and applicability to a wide range of pumping needs. While adaptable to a downhole drive system, being surface driven is the best option to fully capture all of the efficiency benefits of the unique rotoliptic pump. 

The Rotoliptic pump has similar high operating efficiencies as an elastomeric PCP but without the aromatic and temperature limitations. This allows our pump to take those benefits to thermal and higher aromatic applications. 


Artificial Lift Reimagined.

Rotoliptic is a high performing, mechanically driven, all metal artificial lift pump. Our technology has the capacity to handle a broad range of multi-phase flows making it widely applicable within artificial lift environments on a global scale. 

Our pump is adaptable to existing artifical lift surface equipment and utilizes accepted Industry standard deployment and operational practices. The Rotoliptic pump is simple to deploy, simple to retrieve, and simple to maintain. 


  • Patented two piece metal on metal  combination
  • More widely applicable than any other all metal pump
  • Proven duribility in harsh environments